15 Awesome Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas

Easter is the most joyous holiday in the Christian calendar. It represents a time of rebirth, new beginnings and the magic of spring. Easter is just around the corner. I just can’t wait to see the inspiration ideas full of sparks for the Easter eggs design. Easter marks the warm season of spring and it’s time for kids to get excited. For people who are enthusiastic about Easter, you can’t miss these awesome eggs ideas.

Angry birds eggs 

Are you a fan crazy about angry bird? These Easter Eggs are in an angry bird shape, such an art piece full of inspired sparks. Have you ever imagined about this?


 Rainbow Easter egg

I like the rainbow for its beautiful colors. How about collecting all these colors into this Easter Egg to light up your Easter?

Swirled Easter eggs

Swirled Easter eggs make a beautiful display. You can get this with only 3 simple steps: dye base color, get swirls through shavering cream and roll the eggs.


Shimmering Easter Eggs

Shimmering Easter Eggs. Just get this fashionable shining eggs from gold, lavender and Champagne pink silver leaf.


Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs. Shave your half used crayons into tiny parts and sprinkle on hot boiled eggs. You are definitely creating the impressionist painting of your original ideas.


Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Polka Dot Easter Eggs. Want to keep a simple style for your Easter Egg? Just decorate some glittering polka dots on these stylish crafts.


Super Mario Easter Eggs

Super Mario Easter Eggs. If you are a fan of Super Mario, paint these eggs into the heroes in your game. Just inspire your creation sparks!


Black and White Easter Eggs

Black and White Easter Eggs. Are you bored about the luxury style or too many decors? Try this simple style by paint different patterns with balck and white. It never loses beauty in visual effect.

Purple and Lilac Eggs

Purple and Lilac Pysanka Eggs. These pysankas painted with hot beeswas symbolize hope, life and prosperity.


Easter bunny eggs

Easter bunny eggs with felt ears and gingham bows. It's amazing for artists to decorate the Easter Egg as such an adorable bunny. I can hardly believe my eyes.

Lily Pulitzer Hand Painted Eggs

Lily Pulitzer Hand Painted Eggs. Want to make something special for your Easter basket? Try to apply the bright floral prints for your lovely Easter Eggs.


Watercolor Easter Eggs

DIY Watercolor Easter Eggs. Display the sweet seasonal look by simply paint some colorful flowers for the adorable eggs. Do these springtime inspirations with your imagination.

Cute Easter Eggs Planters

Cute Easter Egg Planters. Paint the eggs with amazing expressions and put some fresh tiny plants into it. What an art piece full of inspirations.

Snowflake Easter Eggs

Snowflake Easter Eggs. These beautiful Easter Eggs are painted in a traditional way, but it's never out of the date and it never loses a sense of beauty with the snowflake pattern.

Easter Egg Terrariums

DIY Easter Egg Terrariums. This Easter egg terrarium would be another cool artwork full of creation sparks for your Easter party.

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