16 Creative Easter Outdoor Decoration Ideas

Outdoor decorations for Easter add endless fresh accents for any home and yard. Whether it’s the colorful blossoming flower, adorable tiny animal or some other well-refined Easter eggs, you can find decoration ideas full of sparks during this season which light up the spring season and give off the festive mood.

 Easter Bunny Button Decoration 

Easter Bunny Button Decoration. This button bunny is covered with buttons of various colors in different sizes and shapes, it really goes for the spring Easter decoration selection.


Easter and Spring Burlap Banner 

Easter and Spring Burlap Banner. This reversible Easter banner burlap pennant reads “Easter” in front and has sweet white cots at the back. It looks good at both sides and makes a perfect decor for you Easter festive outlook. source

Wooden Easter sign

Wooden Easter sign with white bunny on the top gives off a vintage style, it looks so fantastic that I can’t wait to display it on the wall or the hang on the door. source

Easter Bunny Decoration 

Easter Bunny Decoration. The cute Easter bunny in the decorated flowerbed makes this decoration style live and funny. The left one holds the Easter egg while the other one tries to hide in the flowerbed. source

Easter Decorated Wheel Wreath

Easter Decorated Wheel Wreath. Wreath becomes a traditional way for Easter decoration with Easter egg, fresh flower, Easter bunny elements. What distinguishes this from other wreath is the floral decorated wheel. There is a picture hang in the centerpiece. source

Target Dollar Egg Tree

Target Dollar Egg Tree. To DIY this beautiful Easter egg tree, all you need is the Easter tree a pot and 2 boxes of foam glitter Easter eggs. These eggs are light weight, you can pock them onto the branch even without gluing. source

Cute Easter Mason Jar Crafts

Cute Easter Mason Jar Crafts. These little Easter mason jars with bright colors are easy to make and can be used as vases or candy jars. Spray paint to mason jars and adhere vinyl to them, you can also draw some cute expressions. source

Adorable Easter Egg Decor

Adorable Easter Egg Decor. DIY this outstanding decoration craft by planting moss, grass or flowers in these crafty eggs. Once you see this adorable Easter egg decoration, you will feel happy for the whole day. source

Easter Subway Art sign

Easter Subway Art sign. Paint the long board with acrylic paint, tape the words onto the board and glue the cute pennant at the right place of the board. It’s done with 3 simple processes. Try to DIY this cool subway design for your Easter decoration. source

Easter Basket Door Decor

Easter Basket Door Decor. This well refined Easter decor starts with mesh in white and lime green, add the ribbons as the base. Put two baskets filled with treats for children at two sides such as chocolate bunnies, rolled candy, Easter eggs and jelly beans. source

Easter Porch Decoration Idea

Easter Porch Decoration Idea. I appreciate this decoration style with amazing grace. Display some fresh plants and baskets filled with Colorful Easter eggs. You can enjoy the good time sitting on your armchair. source

Easter Yard Decoration

Easter Yard Decoration. Display a cart with colorful Ester eggs and put a cute Easter bunny at the top. You can also hang the guide board to direct the way for egg hunting. source

Easter Garden Decoration

Easter Garden Decoration. Fasten the flower pot on iron railing and cover some branches, hang yellow and blue Easter eggs on all the branches. You will get this beautiful garden design Easter decoration. source

Easter Basket Yard Art

Easter Basket Yard Art. This cute Easter basket is made of Baltic birch piece with 2 coats of polished varnish for protection. It’s so great to decorate your yard with this bright color art piece. source

Easter Egg Decoration

Easter Egg Decoration. Hang colorful Easter eggs under the branches of beautiful flower tree is a simple yet fantastic way to decorate your yard for Easter. These plastic Easter eggs with polka dots are weather resistant and durable. source

Carrot Easter Yard Sign Set

Carrot Easter Yard Sign Set. When it comes to the element of Easter decorations, you may think about bunny and Easter eggs. These Easter carrot yard signs and stakes gives off a new look for Easter decoration. They are fade resistant and can last from bad weather. source

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