20 Amazing Easter Eggs DIY Ideas

Easter wouldn’t be the same without eggs. They’ve been a part of the holiday’s tradition for a long time and they are pretty much universal. These days, Easter eggs come in all kinds of sizes and materials, from chocolate to plastic, clay to wood. That is especially great because while the tradition is to paint real eggs, some of these materials are much more sustainable and cruelty-free.

This doesn’t mean, however that you need to abandon tradition completely. You can buy plain eggs and decorate them with the family and even make your own at home, just like in old times. That’s what this article is all about. We have collected 20 Creative Easter Eggs DIY Ideas and Tutorials to inspire you this Easter.

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs.

Moss covered Easter eggs

Unicorn Eggs

Unicorn Easter Eggs. Source

Galaxy Egg

Galaxy Easter Egg. Source

Easter posies

DIY hanging Easter posies. Source

Newspaper Woven Eggs

Newspaper Woven Eggs. Source

Lovely eggshell embroideries

Lovely eggshell embroideries. Source

Decoupage Eggs

DIY Découpage Eggs. Source

Polymer Clay Eggs

Polymer Clay Easter Eggs. Source

Carrots eggs

Turn boiled eggs into fun Carrots for Easter.


Color eggs

Use watercolor paint to color eggs. Source

Jell-0 Filled Eggs

Jell O Filled Easter Eggs. Source

String Eggs

String Easter Eggs. Source

Chocolate Spray Painting Eggs

Chocolate Spray Painting Eggs for Easter. Source

Easy Silhouette Eggs

Easy Silhouette Easter Eggs. Source

Glitter eggs

Glitter Easter eggs. Source

Cute Egg Terrarium

Cute Egg Terrarium. Source

Ninja Turtles Eggs

Dyed Ninja Turtles Easter Eggs. Source

Eggs with googly eyes

Easter eggs with googly eyes. Source

Nail Polish Marbled Eggs

Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs. Source

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