Four potions that will increase your sexual power


Have a hot cup of tea before your night out. Green tea is one of the best choices because it burns the belly fat and turns it to energy. Green tea will certainly make the blood flow reach all the parts of the body faster. You will be ready at any time for a unforgettable night out.


Coffee is the best libido booster. That is why the ones whose first date is at the Starbucks have the best time together. Coffee contains a stimulant which puts women in the mood. So, take a cup of coffee and the excitement will follow.


  The elixir of youth red wine is good for a sensual and sexual excitement but only one or two glasses. It relaxes the arteries and makes a fast and clean way for the blood to the south (you know what I mean). Feel the heaven and take a glass of red wine if you are with the one you have had a desire for.


Antioxidants support blood flow. Pomegranate is a great and strong antioxidant and that is enough for being on this list.

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