Get Started Growing: Easy Small Vegetable Garden Ideas To Try

If you had the idea of starting a small vegetable garden but you do not know how, we give you some ideas

Go Vertical

If you want something which save you space and is pleasurable for your eyes you should try the vertical garden. The vegetables you can plant are swiss chard beets, lettuce, radish and turnips.


Square Foot Gardening

Plant a variety of plants in a small space. First construct a raised bed and fill it with soil. The benefits of this square foot garden is that it prevents grass from your vegetables, and every inch  is wisely used there is no wasted space.

Container gardening:

Containers are just another version of raised garden. An example of this kind of gardening are the wine crates. You should use a protective seal, a linear and brackets on the corner for the crates. Container gardens are portable and you can move them  whenever and wherever  you need or want.

Inside gardening

If you have space and enough light indoor you can make your inside garden. It will make your cooking faster and your space more attractive.

Windowsill boxes

A  small garden in your kitchen on the windowsill. Lettuce will  be on your table, a fresh salad fom your windowsill. How  convenient!

When deciding what vegetables to grow, ask yourself about:

The  place  you want to start your garden.

The amount of sunlight.

The kinds of box or pot  the vegetables will grow in.

Which veggies or herbs you will use most in the kitchen.

What season is it?

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