How to Grow an Indoor Herb or Vegetable Garden

Now when we have been so apart from nature we are trying to reconnect . Today, again it is very important to us where the food on our table comes from, to know more about the big food industry. Living in a big city surrounded with concrete buildings a way of re-connection with nature is by planting a small gardens even in our small apartments.

Windowsills especially those in the kitchen are the best place to choose for a starting small garden. Going into gardening is not only changing our family’s world but it also is a small step in changing the world. Growing food indoors is easy, inspiring interesting and a lot of fun time spent with your kids.

Here are some points that are important when starting a vegetable garden indoors.

Light: is your apartment bright enough

Light is very important, but don’t worry if your apartment is not bright enough there are so called grow lights that are quite attractive. These grow lights will make you a successful indoor gardener.

Seeds or Plants: how to start

It is up to you. Herbs are easy to grow. I recommend herb seeds to start with. That way you will be encouraged to go on with the second round  of seeds: lettuce, Swiss chard, tomatoes. You can also buy herb plants from the green-markets.

Where to Put Your Garden: the best place

One of the best chosen places in an apartment of course is the kitchen windowsill. Kitchens are warm, bright. The optimal grow light needed for a plant is 18 hours a day, so place the plant on a shelf, on a side table  anywhere where there is light.

Time spent with the Kids:

Growing an indoor garden is a bounding activity for a family. Taking care of a garden your  kids will learn more about responsibility  and joy of a successful results.

Time to Reap What you Sow:

It takes only a few days for the seeds to sprout and a few weeks for them to grow. Then you should transplant the little plants into larger pots. After a month or so they are ready to be harvested. Make a fresh pesto with the basil from the windowsill. Sprigs of parsley, sage, thyme are always fresh. Add that freshness to your meals and make cooking  pleasurable and meals gorgeous and tasty.

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