Interior solutions for a children’s room

Repair in the house always confronts a difficult choice of interior solutions, and is particularly difficult when it is a children’s room . But creativity and a little effort will allow to come to a compromise, even if the children are of different sexes. The main detail of such a room will certainly be sleeping places. To date, furniture stores offer a wide choice from the usual beds to folding modules that are compactly assembled and do not occupy space. Also, the proper zoning of the room will play an important role in the arrangement of the nursery, but this point is directly related to the age of the children.

Bunk beds

These beds are the most common variant of furniture for arranging  a children’s room . This is quite a winning solution both from the point of view of space saving and interior decoration. However bunk beds are contraindicated for rooms with low ceilings, since in this case the child on the upper tier will feel uncomfortable.

If the house does not have a problem with the height of the ceilings and the size of the room, among the many variants of bunk beds it is possible to mark the beds with the podium, which is formed due to a special design that lifts the floor level in one part of the room. Depending on its height, the podium will perform a variety of functions.

Separate sleeping places

There are many ways of placing in a children’s room ordinary, habitual beds:

  • The parallel arrangement is the simplest and most frequently used method. It is good to use for premises in the form close to a square. This option allows children to communicate comfortably with each other, but practically does not leave personal space, so after a quarrel one from another will not hide;
  • accommodation of beds along the wall – this option is perfect for long rooms. With this arrangement, the beds are located one after another. They are sometimes weakened by a cabinet, a chest or simply a partition. This creates a kind of zoning, which gives both children their own space;
  • the installation of beds in one corner is a good way to save space, since the beds will be located head to head. To communicate with children is also a big plus;
  • placing of beds in opposite corners. This option is good to use, if the children are of different sexes and do not get along well with each other. Thanks to this decision in the children’s room for two children, each of them will have a maximum of personal space.

How to choose the right areas

According to the advice of psychologists, every child must have a personal space. To comfortably accommodate both children, the largest room should be used as the nursery. But here everything depends on the characteristics of housing. The question of the layout of the room will be directly determined by the age of the children. After all for each age, the key will be completely different zones.

For very young children, the following zones are absolutely necessary: ​​sleep, baby care (a place for feeding, and swaddling), games (an arena, a place for toys).

For children of preschool age, it is necessary to allocate zones: sleep, working (table, chair and other necessary items) and a game zone, which is often combined with a sports corner.

For schoolchildren and adolescents, the top priority will be the work area, it should be equipped with everything necessary. The game zone is reduced to a minimum or goes into a recreation area (with a coffee table and soft armchairs or a small sofa).

For same-sex children or with a small age difference, when planning it is possible to identify common areas: storage of things, toys.

Option, when children of different sexes require each child to be given the maximum possible personal space, and special individual sub-zones (they can be distinguished in different colors or partitions): a workplace, a place for storing things. But even with such zoning, the place for spending free time in a children’s room for two children will still be common.

Other furniture solutions

If the room is very small, then an interesting and useful interior solution will be furniture-transformer. This furniture sometimes becomes just a rescue for a children’s bedroom for two children. Sufficiently practical in use is the sofa, which in the afternoon is in a compact folded state, and at night becomes a large and comfortable bed. Often, reclining tables for lessons are used to save space (for one or at once for two children). And of course, retractable beds, such furniture systems maximize the space in the room.








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